Friday, July 18, 2008

cider doughnuts

Coming from a girl who clocked far too many hours at a local cider mill in her early teen years, a sweet jug of swooshed apples is a must-have for my entire fall season. But, with autumn seeming just too far away in this sticky summer months, biting down on a decent cider doughnut seems almost as perfect.

While vacationing in New England this week, a friend and I made a stop at Russell Orchard's in Ipswich, Massachusetts. As I squealed over the idea of picking my own blueberries and raspberries in the hot July sun, even if I was being eating alive by millions of stinking bugs, I nabbed two doughy rounds to later satisfyingly sink my teeth into. Moist and fluffy, the orchard's bakery excelled at supplying me with red deliciousness, all while providing two out-of-towners with the tastiest mid-morning treat ever.