Wednesday, August 6, 2008

classic coffee mugs

If you want to win over my heart, buy me a mug.

And, if you are actually going to go about this, make it one that can handle some serious ounces of liquid caffeine. Coming from a lady whose mornings consist of over five refills, I cherish my mug collection and must admit I am partial to handmade pottery.

Recently, while attending Art Star's Craft Bazaar at Philadelphia's Penn's Landing, I couldn't resist Pink Kiss Ceramic's vintage-styled sipper. The adorable creation of Baltimore-based artist Shawna Pincus-Bracco, shown above, is undeniably my new favorite mug due to its perfected stenciling (her hubby conveniently runs his own business, Spaghetti Kiss, a screenprinted apparel line) and appropriate sculpting.

Pincus-Bracco, a girl with tons of talent in my book, writes this of her mug-love: "There is nothing more satisfying then drinking from a cup that was made by human hands. I have people tell me that they will wash their favorite mug after every use just so that it's clean for the next time, even though they have a cabinet full of clean commercially made dishes."

That's me!