Tuesday, February 17, 2009

smoked salmon in a saucy whole-grain penne blend

Well. I know it is February, which means that soon my terrible winter doldrums will be replaced with nice doses of sunny skys and comforting breezes. However, at this current time of year, I feel as though I am stuck in a cold-weather trance. Mother Nature continues to consistently play tricks on this naive lady by offering brief glimpses of the next season-to-come.

So, in such dull snowy moments, I have decided that the best way to spice my bittery blues is to whirl together (with my plus one taking the lead, of course) a satisfying supper that awakes my snowy slumbers for a tip-top tummy enticer.

Influenced by a recent purchase of a simple and satisfyingly-discounted sauce book, Mr. B invented a heavy liquid blend to drown my favorite delicate whole-grain pasta in the utmost perfect fashion. Simply, he married a large splash of heavy cream and a generous amount of butter (gasp!) with a decent-sized garlic clove and several dashes of black pepper to create a mega-calorie feast for us both. Selecting a smoked salmon to be paired amongst the noodles and the sauce -- a decision made only because he believed it deserved a second-chance after his first Philly Roll episode -- may have been one of his best decisions, and one extremely oogling to anyone who is a) starving (as I always am) and b) seafood-craved (yes, please!).

Together, the symphony of a sea creature and its wheat mate dipped in a succulent, yet simple sauce, crafts a comforting plate ideal for a cozy evening-in sans chilly toes and frost-bitten noses.