Tuesday, September 22, 2009

pan-seared sesame-crusted tuna

There's something special about a guy that can cook. There's something even more special that my guy can cook well. Coming from a girl's who's always hungry, always worrying about the next great thing to eat, B has become seemingly accustomed to satisfying my need for a delicious dinnertime feed.

Although, working nighttime shifts in a steakhouse and sometimes, working opposite shifts completely, a nice meal always appears as a pleasant surprise to me. However this time, B's wonderfully wooed me by preparing one of my all-time favorite dishes -- pan-seared Ahi tuna plated with a delightful soy-based reduced sauce.

A simple dish to sculpt at the conclusion of a hectic week, his prepared plate of tuna and a delicate side of coconut-ginger rice screams sophistication without having to stress for time, or money. Coated with a blend of black-and-white sesame seeds sweetly mixed with lemon and pepper, the dainty fish, cooked to a perfect medium rare, almost melted gingerly in my mouth. However, what made the exceptional fish steak was the spicy-sweet sauce that offered the ideal bite to balance the seafood's crust.

Glopping honey aside fresh chili juices, ginger and soy sauce, my wannabe chef produced a perfect pairing to the already-tasteful tuna. And, being a girl who loves lots of gooey dips accompanying my dinner, I could not have asked for a better accessory to my dinner plate.

So now I have to simply confess, dinnertime in may be the next step in our relationship, as long as B continues being the one doing all of the cooking!