Sunday, October 18, 2009

experience raw milk

The best secrets are those that take just a little longer to uncover.

A slightly hidden secret of Berks County happens to be a resplendent raw dairy farm, one that is intermixed among many other farms that do produce gallons and gallons of milk, yet this milk is full-fat, unprocessed, and from pasture-fed cows.

The raw milk, if produced under orderly and sanity conditions like at this dairy, Wholesome Dairy Farm in Yellow House, Pennsylvania, and then, promptly refrigerated, contains many anti-microbial and immune-supporting components that have been raved to be a substantial addition to the human diet.Being a girl who couldn't be more health-conscious about her diet, uncovering a raw dairy in the backwoods of my neighborhood could not have been more squeal-worthy. Owner and operator Mark Lopez takes pride in maintaining the healthiest of cattle, all of which he knows by name and appearance.

Personally trekking through his organic grained fields, waving amongst cows named Vampire Bat, Sheron Faye, Roxy, Damien, Scout, Daisy, plus many others, I felt no harm in consuming massive gulps of his fresh milk. Regularly certified to produce and sell the pure variety of the creamy milk on his property, the dairy's raw beverage is well liked from a versatile group of regularly attending customers. From body builders, foodies and locavores, to name a few, crowds of folks find the milk smooth and sweet, and believe it offers a pleasantly rich sip compared to the accustomed, casual slurp of skim or lowfat cow's milk.

Pay a visit to Wholesome Dairy for a new experience of dairy intake, or locate your own nearby raw dairy that raves similar clean, creamy gulps.