Friday, November 27, 2009

sly fox's dale 10k honorary beer

Sly Fox's Brewmaster Brian O'Reilley + Dale Van Wieren

On Sat., Nov. 21, Sly Fox's brewmaster Brian O'Reilly tapped the brewery's new ceremonial beer, the Dale 10K. The Dale 10K, a hybrid of an amber Pils, Dubbel and Bier de Garde boosting 7.5 percent alcohol by volume, had been crafted to honor the victorious feat of Dale Van Wieren, who since the age of 21, now 59, tasted and documented glass-upon-glass of different liquid hops with his namesake beer being his 10,000th noted gulp.

My brother and I attended the event, supporting someone's amazing beer-love that captivates a challenge that I hope to someday do myself. At age 24, I am already three years behind the brew connoisseur. I plan to soon make up for lost times, or at least, attempt.

the Dale 10K, crafted to the Van Wieren's tastes (not a fan of the "overhopped" blends), was made as an one-off batch, equaling 22 kegs. His brew will be available until the taps are bone dry, so pay a visit to SF, pronto!

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