Friday, November 26, 2010

happy holidays & pumpkin pie pockets galore

 (photos by Jennifer Hetrick)

As I have been bogged down slaving away over my laptop's keys, for this and that publication, my lil' food-loving blog has taken brief breaths of fresh air, but that doesn't mean I was just writing! As baking is in my blood, I couldn't bare to dismiss this time of year, embracing the best pumpkin recipes I could grasp my hands on.

From milk chocolate chunk pumpkin fluffs and brown butter iced pumpkin cookies, to my personal pumpkin pie pockets sprinkled with raw cinna-sugar dustings (all of which are seen above), I could live forever on feasts of pumpkin-infused platters, and just because Thanksgiving has just passed, I will not conclude my compulsive pumpkin puree-splashed baking sessions any time soon.