Friday, December 3, 2010

thanksgiving potluck at the hartman's

I am still dreaming the scrumptious spread I had the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, at a friend's arranged potluck. Gathering her group of friends together for an evening of amazing eats, while she prepared her first-ever 19-pound turkey, the 16+ person celebration was delicious and darling, and great conversations were had amongst new and old friends (new mostly to B & I, for we were only acquainted with the host). The night's feast was so darling, in fact, that we were even given place card settings, with "B" getting his notorious letter nickname, one known by all my friends.

I believe I am still brimming on bloated from my four Thanksgiving dinners as of last week, so please excuse me while I offer up just a photographic recap in reminiscing over my most-treasured holiday meal found in bowls and bowls brought by many fantastic chefs.