Saturday, February 26, 2011

amy marie strauss, in 30 pictures

While haunting around my usual lineup of regularly read blogs, I came across a few bloggers who recently tackled the "30 pictures" assignment. I know, I know, it is such a task that may come across similar to surveys scribed by teens, but trust me -- it is a thrill to comb through your photographs and retell important pockets of memories of your past.

01 / someone i spend a lot of time with:
 02 / a picture of myself:
 03 / a picture of someone in my family:
 04 / a picture of something that makes me happy:
05 / an old picture of myself: 
06 / a picture of my sibling:
 07 / a picture i never posted on my blog before:
 08 / a picture of a person i miss:
09 / a relative of mine:
10 / a picture of my favorite place:
 11 / a person i can tell everything:
 12 / a picture of my everyday life:
 13 / a picture from a place i love:
 14 / a picture which reminds me of old times:
15 / a picture of friends from my childhood:
(well, recent photo with oldest, dearest friend.)
16 / a picture of myself:
17 / an unusual picture:
18 / a picture of my spare time:
19 / a picture i'm satisfied with:
20 / a picture of the people who are closest to me:
21 / a person who's always there for me:
22 / a picture from a time in life i miss:
23 / a picture from last summer:
24 / a picture that makes me happy:
25 / a person who always makes me happy:
26 / someone i'm always having fun with:
27 / a picture i always laugh about:
28 / a crazy picture:
29 / the latest picture of myself:
30 / someone i will never let go of: