Sunday, May 8, 2011

local roasted, people focused: a visit to one village coffee

As I reached for what's left of my Sulawesi Toraja coffee beans this morning, a fantastically-roasted bag of caffeination from One Village Coffee, I developed an instant ping of sadness. 

The moment you realize you are grinding the last petite batch (well, "last" until I go to the store for more) of a coffee blend that you would go into a frenzy for is an earth-shaking moment. The adoring feelings I developed for Sulawesi, a blend conceptualized by their Chief Roaster/coffee guru Woody (seen below), followed similar suit to the crush I didn't keep pent up of another one of their varieties, the Smart Blend.

While the Sulawesi marvelously mashes together cocoa and clementine, the Smart is profound amongst its rushing of blueberry, dried fruits and cocoa. However, both are perfect for different days and my work days seem far better suited by having both on hand.
And, being a coffee fiend, I was honored to visit their HQ in Souderton on a Tuesday morning a few weeks back. While the intention for that visit was a feature for here and here (which I will link to in the coming weeks), I couldn't help but share a few scenes of my deliciously intoxicating morning, which also hosted a favorable meet-and-greet with the lineup of their personable staff who devised the coffee operation 4 years back.
You may source One Village Coffee for yourself in Philadelphia coffee shops (and in my 'hood, in Artisans Gallery & Cafe), as well as in Whole Foods markets and various other wonderful independent businesses. Click here to grab a bag or two online, too!

And please do, you'll be in for a beautifully-roasted treat!