Saturday, February 6, 2010

the canned culture now found in craft beer

On Sun., Jan. 25 the historic beer can celebrated 75 years since it was churned into creation in 1935 in the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company of New Jersey.

Since the beginning, when the classic aluminum can was first tested and tasted on the lips of American drinkers, traveling from New Jersey to Richmond, Va., the satisfying pop of snapping open an alcoholic beverage quickly caught on, and we have not looked back.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the majority of the 22 gallons of beer that each American drinks per year, cans are selected over bottles. Fittingly so, Sly Fox Brewing Company of Phoenixville leaked last week that although craft breweries are notorious for supplying their blends in bottles, they will continue to release their canned series of beers.

Finding delight in canned varieties, they will add a fifth sample of beer to their portfolio this spring, the Rt. 113 IPA, Sly Fox's brewmaster Brian O'Reilly reveals that through popular demand, they have caved to customers' requests.Recently, the local brewery, with brewhouse locations in Royersford and Phoenixville, reopened their Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania markets and expect to see an increasing demand for all our beers, said O'Reilly.

The Rt. 113 IPA will join the Pikeland Pilsner and the Phoenix Pale Ale as year-round can releases, although all three will also remain available in 22 ounce glass bottles.The canned portfolio is available to consumers in 24/12 loose cases, six-pack cases and variety packs of 12. The two seasonal brews that rounds out their five-can listing are the Royal Weisse, available only in the spring and summer, and the Dunkel Lager, available in the fall and winter.