Sunday, February 14, 2010

tony's family restaurant's annihilator eating competition

For the last week, I've been scribing stories about a local restaurant's eating competition. Premiering the ultimate heavy weight of sandwiches around the beginning of February, Anthony Storti, Jr. of Tony's Family Restaurant devised the plan for his stacked sandwich from watching many upon many Man v. Food episodes.

The challenge prompts daring diners to devour a record-breaking 2 1/2 pounds of slow-roasted, top round beef (or pork, your choice) with a half pound of provolone cheese piled to the brims inside one of Conshohocken Bakery's freshly baked 1 pound Vienna buns. This alone may sound like a ridiculous feat, but that's not where it ends. The Annihilator is then smeared with the eatery's own horseradish sauce and served with a side of 1 1/2 pounds of onion rings that ALL must be completed for the competition — all of which brings the total of food that is pumped into your stomach to a peaking 5 1/2 pounds.

On Sat., Feb. 13, I attended Tony's for the premiere of the challenge, which included William Myers of Allentown willingly accepting the terms of the contest. Little did I know that Bob would, from briefly watching Myers compete, decide that he too should take on the competition. And, I have to admit, nothing says I love you more cheering on my boyfriend as he stuffs his face, all in hopes of a victorious prize.

Below, I photographed a play-by-play, which you must view in order to see how Bob and Myers ranked in the competition.
The originator first weighs out the roast beef to make sure that each contestant receives exactly 2.5 pounds of meat.
Storti prepares the fresh Vienna bun for the Annihilator, stacking a half pound of provolone cheese slices to melt, gorgeously.

Tony weight 2.5 pounds of his freshly cut roast beef per each challenge, and then soaked it in a steamy pot of au jus. The silver platter before consumption.
Storti passes on his set of rules to Bob, which included that you may drink whatever your heart desires, you may not have a bathroom break, and you must devour the entire platter in an hour.
B knifing the wholesome Annihilator in two, with hopes this is the best strategy to tackle the hefty sandwich.
The optimistic first bite for B, and the first taste of Tony's eatery's food — which, at the beginning, he gushed over, yet too much of a good thing (i.e. trying to compete in a challenge with their food) becomes a bad thing.

Reaching the half-way point at 22 minutes on the clock, B starts to feel the side effects of chowing down on too much, too fast.

After the last bite above, B took one more and then, threw in the cloth napkin. Making it half-way in half of the time seems like an impressive feat to me, although he could not bare to go any further.

William Myers victorious was able to complete the challenge with 6 minutes to spare. Here, B throws on his disappointed expression as he poses with the first winner ever of the Annihilator competition.