Thursday, February 4, 2010

a handsome roasted beet salad from henry's cafe

Being a lil' Pennsylvania Dutch gal, it is appropriate that I love all things pickled. This of course, includes pickles (obviously), but also such things as beans, peppers and most definitely, red beets. Since I was raised on the sweet-and-sour of canned vegetables, I find it odd when I come across individuals who do not share the same fascination in mini-vinegary bites as myself.

All the above being said, recently revisiting Henry's Cafe of Pottstown, I immediately gushed when I viewed that Frank Raski's revised menu offered a seasonal roasted red beet salad as a first course.

Henry's, one of my top five restaurants of my almost-25 years, is quaint and comforting, and serves top-notch entrees prepared before your eyes in a pristine open kitchen. Raski, owner and chef, sculpts each dish to order aside his sous chef, Jesse Daniels, as almost a comedic show, making your dining experience much more than a simple dinnertime feast.

Mashing laughs into the kitchen scene does not lessen the complexities of each perfect plate either, which identifies that these males' skills far surpass the norm' knifing talent found in any kitchen's scene.

For my beloved starter of roasted reds, Daniels lined the bottom of the dish with a handful of their delicately-sliced beets, drizzles of housemade vinaigrette, a pile of field greens, a dashing of diced tomatoes, and the big finale, a nicely-toasted crostini on the side, plopped with a generous amount of their goat cheese spread sprinkled with cracked pepper.

My first course was just the beginning, and with an ever-changing list of fresh fish, and a seasonal offering of second and third courses, to find out much more, you have to sample Frank's cuisine for yourself.