Saturday, February 13, 2010

the chompable pups of puttin' on the dog

Opened at the close of November of 2009 at the Market Place at Oaks, Puttin' On The Dog succeeds in providing frankfurter fanatics with a new savory, bun-packed standard.

In a compact, unpretentious storefront shop, owner David Carpani provides area diners with the "best dressed hot dogs around," and there is no need for him to be modest when promoting his slogan. His all-beef frankfurters split down the middle and dressed up with whatever you can heart desires, far surpasses your casually plopped ketchup-and-mustard picnic classics.

From sauerkraut, bacon, chili, bruschetta and spicy mustard, his decorations for his dogs are endless, and his concocted specialties do not fall short, either. The most popular combination found in this street food shop is the Hot Smokey Dog, which loads a sliced, jumbo beef sausage in a nicely toasted bun that is drizzled with a decent dose of spicy mustard. Fried peppers and onions finish off this beloved staple, and the ambitious bite is born.

Other interesting iconic bites include Carpani's Tixxie Dog, which mashes a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with a gigantic beef hot dog. The Tixxie is finished off with a comforting amount of cheese, while the Mighty Dog may fall short on dairy, but doesn't forget anything from the garden. Relish, chopped onions and tomatoes, pepperoncinis and kosher pickles are loaded atop the all-beef wiener, while yellow mustard and celery salt round out the bun.

Puttin' On The Dog, the new and upbeat paean to the frankfurter in all its variations, is also keen in providing an edible paradise for all those who are not victim to hateful heartburn. The Sloppy Dog, their perfectly juicy chili dog is hefty and delicious, and is also layered with crisp coleslaw and yellow mustard.

However, hot dogs aren't the only handheld meats that trump this counter service spot. Bite-size chicken nuggets and tenders are available for the anti-tubular eaters, and are willingly served with honey mustard, barbecue or ranch dipping sauces. Of course, the perfect companion to any hot dog is served here, too. Their Royal Burger is simply offered with all the necessary condiments like lettuce, tomato, mayo, cheese, etc. and grilled to perfection. The side order of french fries are top-notch, also, served in small and large sizes and sprinkled with a seasoned salt blend that is ideal for any fried food lover who enjoys a light kick.

Carpani's unapologetically high-cholesterol glory of all-beef sandwiches may additionally be seen as the perfect all-American snack bar because he offers equally as many dessert and ice cream options as he does dinnertime dishes. From gooey brownie sundaes and fudge nut parfaits, to M&M shakes, malts, latte freezers and root beer floats, an option for everyone taste buds is available at this one-stop shop.

Affordable with speedy service, Puttin' On The Dog soars in huge heaps of comfort food that will most definitely, have you barking back for more just after one bite of their dogs' buns.

Puttin' On The Dog, Market Place at Oaks, 180 C. Mill Rd., Oaks, 484-924-8940.

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