Monday, June 21, 2010

elverson introduces their own farmers' market

Local warrior of the “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” movement, Evan Elizabeth Miller of Elverson, believes that every town and city needs to have a farmers' market — a reason she teamed up with the local community to premiere, as of last week,The Farmers' Market of Elverson.

Miller, who grew up on a local family farm, wanted to collaborate with other residents in the nearby community to accomplish an output that would serve the area with fresh, nutritious food from the surrounding masses.

I also wanted to provide an outlet for local farmers to have their goods be purchased and appreciated while keeping money in our local economy,” she said.
An inside source from the farming industry, the local resident confessed that “the ways we purchase our food also have had an impact on the ability of local farmers to operate profitably.”

“The way our food system has evolved," she continued, "it has really cut most people off from nutritious healthy food. Growing up on a family farm, I've seen my family struggle to continue on our tradition, while managing the bills that come along with farming.” 

In hopes to assist local agriculturalists and independent producers in the area, Miller organized the Saturday morning market, held every week from the middle of June to the middle of October, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Livingood Park of Route 23.

Currently, we have eight vendors, but are most likely adding a ninth in the next few weeks,” she said. “Products range from organic and heirloom vegetables, potted plants, grass fed meats, smoked and goat cheeses, seasonal fruit, organic Amish style pretzels, locally roasted coffees, and grass fed free range eggs.”

Additionally, she said that she hopes to add a raw milk vendor to the lineup in the upcoming months.

“I think the market is a great way to build community and provide an opportunity for neighbors to see each other on a regular basis,” she said.

Vendors of The Farmers' Market of Elverson are as follows: B&H Organic Produce of Morgantown; Twin Valley Coffee of Elverson; Nancy's Heavenly Treats Bakery of Pottstown; Weaver's Orchard of Morgantown; Conebella Farm of Elverson; Sunnyside Farm of Elverson; Gladiolus Farm of Elverson; and Oh My! Pretzels of Chester Springs.
The Farmers' Market of Elverson, 83 West Main Street (Route 23), Elverson, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.