Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my obsession: the cheese cave of murray's

Excuse while I ski back to my recent trek to New York City, which I tried to recap in a timely fashion. (As seen here and here.) 

As any of you, my foodie friend readers know, once you are obsessive over other cities' chow and notable imbibers—or in general at every location, even your own—your trips transform to mobile food fests, always tackling the next-best-thing to deliciously shove in your desiring chops.

So, that being said, if you have ever spoke heavily with me on cheese, you know that my dearest dream would be to dunk within Murray's noted sensation, the cheese cave, and live there until my last dying day. I am sure, with such an edible, life-long adventure that I may not smell so sweet, but being gratefully in love with cheese, I am willing to accept such a compromise.

Yet, recently I actually made it to Murray's, BUT I was not able to escape into my constant daydream. However, a visit within their creamy pleasured shop was still an adored venture, and the intoxicating whiffs of artisan, aged chunks made me float temporarily in a cheese-lover's paradise.

As the oldest and the best locale for top-notch, multi-milk sensations, I obsess over the quality of their varieties and will, without a doubt, admire and aspire to possess incredible knowledge as Murray's go-to cheesemonger, Liz Thorpe. I additionally find it so valuable that she is packed with the most impressive knowledge on America-based cheeses, besides knowing a thing or two of world-crafted blends.

So, if you have yet to journey your lil' cheese-loving self to Murray's, you are in luck.

You may watch their adorable webisodes here, hosted by Director of Cheese Education, Taylor Cocalis. Also, y'all should now be giddy like school girls because the rest of the adorable staff of cheesemongers have leaped over their counterspace to virtually help you make thee tastiest of selections. Visit here for more!

But, don't worry Murray's, I'm coming back soon with my eyes on the prize—the glamorous cheese cave!