Tuesday, June 8, 2010

cheers to my twenty-fifth year

Holy guacamole, I have now trekked twenty-four whole years of life!

This weekend I celebrated ringing in my twenty-fifth year, and said so long to my youngster years. As an intense lover of all-beef and artisan-crafted beers, what better to celebrate my birth than gorge on all of the finer things in life.

My madre, who so marvelously concocted a strawberry cheesecake for her only daughter, via my grandmother's gorgeous recipe,  scored sweet teeth points for crafting one of my most favored desserts.

Brian O'Reilly, brewmaster of Sly Fox Brewery, allowed me to experience his new concoctions, the Standard Porter and the Brotherly Suds ESB, as part of Phoenixville's "Meet the Brewers" Pub Crawl, and I could have not picked a better day to sample some now highly rated slurps.

And, although not a crazy-fan of Emeril, I did desire to sample his stacked 'wiches of Burgers and More, located at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem. Of course, my bacon-and-bleu burger-fused birthday happened to fall on the same day that the BAM-man was present locally, due to a nearby food and wine show, and who happened to be floating throughout the beefy kitchen during my delicious dinner? Mr. Lagasse, of course!