Sunday, May 30, 2010

"meet the brewers" pub crawl, june 5

(above, at Lancaster Brewing Co. with head brewer Bill Moore)

In honor of Philly Beer Week, the City of Brotherly Love will allow beer fanatics to tip their pints to 10 days flooded with sipping celebrations. However, don't think the suburbs have shied away from stretching their sources to additionally host appropriately-timed, beer events.

Phoenixville premieres for their second year a "Meet the Brewers" Pub Crawl, held Sat., June 5 from 1 to 5 p.m. Structured around the comradeship of ten bars, restaurants and brewpubs, Mark Edelson, Director of Brewing Operations of Iron Hill Brewery, and Brian O'Reilly, Brewmaster of Sly Fox Brewing Co., with both of their perspective establishments participating, twisted some strings and planted a head brewer per location along of their tour.

"Phoenixville seems to make sense for a pub crawl, it already has two brewpubs," revealed Edelson. Together, Iron Hill and Sly Fox will cap the craft beer tour, with a shuttle traveling amongst the active locations throughout the four-hour allotted afternoon.

"Our crawl is different than just inviting people to come drink at our bars," he continued. "Each restaurant will feature a beer (or more) from the brewing company that is present at the place, and it's available by the actual people who brewed the beer."

The local hop-infused event will maintain residence amongst a majority of locations on the 100 and 200 blocks of Bridge Street, and then, journey to Kimberton Road for the Epicurean Restaurant and Sly Fox Brewhouse and Eatery. "There's a lot of places in town that have great beers. Pickering Creek Inn does a great job and of course, so does the Epicurean," he said. "There are so many great beer bars in town, and it has only become better since last year."

Edelson also confirms that the upcoming beer appreciation event is "more about quality over quantity. It's about meeting people from the brewery, and especially for people who enjoy good beer and the enjoyment of it."

"The event is also especially ideal for the element of people who don't want to go to Philly, it's perfect for this part of the suburbs," he suggested.

The active bars and breweries lineup is as follows: Baxter's at 101 Bridge, will host Stoudt's Brewing Co.; Bistro on Bridge, will host Yard's Brewing Co.; Columbia Bar & Grille, will host Lancaster Brewing Co.; Epicurean Restaurant, will host Manayunk Brewery Boxcar Brewing; Franco Ristorante, will host Weyerbacher Brewing Co.; Molly Maguire's Irish Restaurant, will host Troegs Brewing Co. and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.; Pickering Creek Inn, will host Victory Brewing Co.; PJ Ryan's, will host Flying Fish Brewing Co.; Iron Hill will feature their Tour de Hill with 15 to 18 beers from around various Iron Hill locations; and Sly Fox will feature the Philly Beer Week collaborative beer, brewed in Royersford a few weeks back, and the Standard Porter brewed for Standard Tap of Philadelphia.

"Last year was a raging success," Iron Hill's Director of Brewing Operations reveals. "It was a record day for us, and a majority of the crawl's 8 stops had record days, too." Edelson also confesses that he too will hop from one location to the next, just like last year, where he was floored to meet Guinness Brewery's brewmaster, who was stationed at Molly Maguire's.

Before you a grab a frosty pint and guzzle, Edelson, an experienced brewer and drinker, concludes with some advice: "You can come any time, as early as you want. However, around 3 p.m., the bars will start getting packed. Pace yourself and drink responsibility."

Also published this weekend in The Phoenix.