Saturday, May 22, 2010

phoenixville's newest baker, iced by betsy

In a country with an inexplicable spread of cupcakeries multiplied conveniently throughout almost every town's borders, it comes with a complete surprise that Phoenixville had yet to debut its own local business booming with personal-sized morsels of cake.

However, striving to fill the delicious void for mini-cakes in our nearby neighborhoods is Betsy Gibbons of Limerick, who premiered Iced by Betsy three weekends ago at Phoenixville Farmers' Market.

Gibbons, a serious cupcake baker since late 2008, recently moved to Pennsylvania in October of 2009. Previously, Gibbons and her husband, Russ, wheeled their sugared inventory at Alpharetta Farmers Market of Georgia, a suburb based outside of Atlanta.

"I always loved baking, not as a business, but for pleasure," she confessed. "My husband and I moved to Georgia in September [of 2008] and since I was a teacher, I knew I had to find another way to express my creativity."

Continue reading 'bout Betsy's sugary-sweet baking journey here.
To conclude, a fine example of Iced's graduation cupcakes, now available for custom orders.