Tuesday, July 6, 2010

farmers' market of harrisonburg, virginia

Taking a quick road trip to Harrisonburg, Virginia this weekend to partake in a family friend becoming a Mrs. to her Mr., B and I had a few hours on our adventuresome hands prior to their 2 o'clock celebration.

A gushing gal over any area's farmers' market, as they highlight the true individuals who represent the local, flourishing landscape, I was quite pleased to see that we waltzed into Harrisonburg's prosperous output.
Established in the area's downtown location, the local market had triumphantly became a success, enough to, in the last few years, construct a gorgeous pavilion to nestle their wide offering of vendors underneath.

Of course, my hungry eyes aimed straight toward the local cheese makers, particularly Pam Green's Green Haven Farm Cheeses. Based out of the surrounding rural town, Woodstock, Virginia, the family goat farm raises Nubian "girls," who are milked twice a day and are fed orchard grass/alfalfa hay, which is mixed by the farmers themselves. 

An adoring fan of their natural feta, Green Haven also crafts soft cheeses like their Chives and Garlic, Western Ranch, Southern Ranch, as well as hard blends like their Cheddar & Jalapeno Cheddar.
Of course, in addition to fine cheeses, my need sweet teeth always gravitate toward any market's sugary stash, and Candace Willis' Willow Run Bakery's whole grain fermented concoctions have allowed me to develop a loving crush. After years of baking with white flour, she kicked her main grain to the curb, replacing the beneficial whole wheat as her main canvas of many of her recipes.

While her attractive assortment of whole grain loaves appeared as a crowd-pleaser, we agreed to grub on her bear claws, which were deliciously sugary, without killing the recipient with richness. (Have to admit, I almost snatched more than my fair share away from B, as his bodacious bites far surpass my lil' nibbles.)
Harrisonburg Farmers' Market, S. Liberty St., Harrisonburg, Virginia, 540-476-3377