Saturday, July 31, 2010

cozy cuisine of the kimberton fair

Although, I will confess that I am not necessarily a fan of carnivals, it is appealing to me to gorge on all the best eats of a local festival. And, what better way to spend a summertime evening, than to mosey around the grounds of my local stomping grounds and support nearby organizations.

Celebrating their 82nd year, the Kimberton Fair premiered this past Monday, entertaining local residents with a rousing week of kitschy rides, games and entertainment, aside a baking, canning and home craft exhibit hall, livestock displays and most importantly, a delicious mecca of marvelous, grease-laden eats.

The fire company, which organizes the yearly shindig, is notorious for their handcrafted doughnuts, which are above-par in comparison to any other fried cake bites. Sold in cinna-sugar, powdered sugar and plain, the holed sweet circles were cozy amongst freshly-roasted corn, fried Oreos, massive pulled pork sammies, and much more.

And now, while I spend the entire month of August detoxing from my bad-for-you chow fest, I suggest, if you reside in southeastern Pennsylvania, to attend the last day of the outdoor fair, and especially get comparable with some of the best handheld bites of Chester County.