Tuesday, July 6, 2010

kindle: eat. drink. glow.

There is nothing better than sharing an extreme adoration for an upscale assortment of eats with someone who too appreciates the the glory of edible adventures. Whenever "on the road," B and I make it a point to uncover the locals' flavor and lure by tackling, so we think, the best the sit-down establishment in town.

Spending our summertime beach visits in the Delaware area, specifically at Rehoboth Beach, it's a given that we would journey into the nearby historic district of Lewes. Adorably lined with aged store fronts and shops, we stumbled into the shore town looking for an escape from the generic seafood spots and after much consideration, sided with Kindle.

Cozy in downtown area, fronted as a gorgeous, wooden wonder, the interior popped through candle light, chocolate brown leather seats, and deep earth tones. With a menu peppered in eclectic, localized American ingredients, with a mix of French sensibility, the crave-worthy comfort food easily appeared as if our dining decision was well planned.
Celebrating a much-deserved half-week away, we opted to introduce ourselves to Kindle's fine food with two appetizers: as seen above, the duck sliders tossed in molasses barbecue sauce and sided with carrot red pepper slaw, and, as seen below, the Crab Norfolk, a combo of sherry marinated jumbo lump crab meat, broiled in loads of butter and served with Old Bay dusted flatbread.
Dashing into our dinner entrees, we shared two delicious dishes that I still constantly dream of, which include, as seen above, a top-notch, slow-cooked pork chop smeared with a blueberry Syrah compote and a gorgeous heap of red mashed potatoes. As seen below, I selected a scrumptious spice-roasted chicken (which I rarely ever do) which was coated with a light herb honey glaze and smoked paprika, and served with a heavenly pot of Gruyere mac n' cheese.
Obviously, after such a hearty, desirable chow fest, we had to speed away with our left-overs, which I couldn't have been more pleased to pop open the fridge at midnight to munch on such beachside marvels.

Kindle, 111 Bank St., Lewes, DE, 302-645-7887