Monday, August 2, 2010

manatawny creek winery's summer cooking class

Throughout the summer months, Manatawny Creek Winery premieres mid-morning cooking classes themed around one of their raved blends. Hosted by kitchen guru Colleen Norheim, July's cooking appreciation was flooded by Syrah inspiration, allowing the 12 course attendees (including myself) to swirl, sniff, sample and splash deep red liquids in varying delicious recipes.

Jumpstarting the late morning session with a mini-education about the high quality grape made famous in the Rhone region of France, Norheim lent her wisdom soon onto several of her personal recipes—all of which we learned to prepare firsthand.

Sculpting a garden veggie chili, plopped with ingredients like peppers, squash, baby bella 'shrooms, grapeseed oil, fresh off-the-cob corn, and of course, tons of Syrah, our mini-cooking station allowed for delectable scents to flood Manatawny's tasting room space.

The cluster of wine appreciators aside our spice-infused group were in charge of simmering Bing cherries in a hefty dose of the dry red, which we later used to conclude our just-prepared lunch with a layered cherry parfait. Additionally, all edible education attendees also constructed their own chocolate wine balls from crushed, creme-filled vanilla wafers, chopped pecans, dark cocoa, a splash of Syrah and a nice coat of powdered sugar.

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