Tuesday, August 10, 2010

first friday in delicious downtown lancaster

Growing up an hour away from Lancaster, I can't say I was inexperienced in trekking through the agricultural landscape of lush countryside. However, call me naive, but I never assumed that the city of Dutch County was a place I would enjoy dabbling, dining and dwelling within.
But, after this weekend, when I journeyed to spend a much-needed evening with my cousin Pamela probing around downtown's First Friday celebration, I must admit I want to go back, immediately.
What you all may assume Lancaster is about, well, is true. But, speeding into the artsy scene (yes, there's an art college smack dab in the middle, too) of the urban-most area, you will find hip hubs of culture and cozy cuisine that had this girl gushing to the extreme.
Previously, my Lancaster-living cousin squealed that Senorita Burrita was a place I would love, and well, we are family and she does know me, so we sped to devour their health-conscious eats as my premiering spot in the local scene. Pleasing all palates, from meat eaters to vegheads and those organic food-obsessed, this burrito joint serves mission-styled, grown-locally goods that well worth the trip.
Also important to note, Senorita Burrita has a killer relationship with Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, and if the produce your chowing on isn't grown by the locale's heads, its sourced from stands at Lancaster's Central Market. Being a past vegetarian, I still crave veggies aplenty, which is why I opted for the Chico Burrito, which was served on a whole wheat tort and packed to the brims with all the necessaries, like brown rice, black beans, fresh guacamole and house-made salsa.
Soon, attempting to walk off our mucho-sized 'ritos, we hopped from one art exhibit to the next, eventually deciding to get rather cozy at Annie Bailey's after a brief stint in the adorable chocolate shop, Bonbonniere. But, if I were to recommend to anyone where they should go during the wee hours of your weekend night, please conclude your downtown crawl with a stop at Spyro Gyro (they're open until 4 a.m.).
Blessed with a hearty heap of falafel in a whole wheat pita, and snagging some bites of the cousin's original steaky gyro, I'd say that Lancaster is thee place to peruse, and I promised my dear family member I'd be back in a hungry flash.