Sunday, August 29, 2010

"pure butter" cheese and more from frecons farms

Around this time of August, freshly-picked peaches are plopped generously throughout the shelves of Frecon Farm'sfarmacy” found deliciously along South Reading Avenue in Boyertown. 
This season, which sings sweetly due to the overwhelming heat, allows the local 40-year-old harvest hub to stock shelves with some of the area's in-season finest—from doughnut peaches to the baskets booming with nectarines at their all-time high.
Honestly, although I have experienced Frecon's fiend-worthy produce aplenty, I have only trekked around their adorable farm shop once! So, I found it appropriate enough to head inside their interior on a recent steamy day, instantly becoming amazed at the attractive array of fresh fruits and veggies, locally produced meads and wines, jars of honey and canned jams, and of course, milks and cheeses.

Being a cheese connoisseur or more so, an addict, I requested a recommendation from the store clerk to which creamy chunk would be best to first experiment with from their assortment. While Frecon's carries Amazing Acres Goat cheese, which I am already an acclaimed fan of, I was looking to expand my cheese tasting palate. At the brief description of a cheese that was like eating “pure butter,” I nabbed the attractive square of Keswick Creamery's Vermeer.

From recent pleas from Messy and Picky to help Keswick stay afloat, and also, the lovely post from Madame Fromage on visiting the Cumberland County creamery, I couldn't deny supporting the cause. And then, when I broke open the blissful hunk of small-batch-produced cow's milk cheese, I instantly decided that I could eat Vermeer for the rest of my eating-obsessed-life.

Although the farmstead cheese was the forerunner of my recent Frecon's purchases, other notables included the Natural by Nature's chocolate milk in a classic glass bottle (creamiest you may ever chug), hearty loaves of ciabatta sourdough bread, juicy white peaches, and much more. Also, with fall approaching, I can't help but squeal over the idea that apple season is quickly approaching and soon I will be swigging the best fresh-pressed apple cider around!