Monday, August 16, 2010

pig butchery at the goschenhoppen, part two

Coming a long way from my vegetarian days, what I found most fascinating at my recent visit to the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival was the play-by-play butchering display, as replicating the practices of the 18th and 19th century.

A celebration of an old world way of life, where even the nasty bits were appreciated, the authentic demonstration was detailed by the fair's bearded Butcher Miller who offered  everything educational during his custom farm butchering, including information about bartering, sharpening knives and the anatomy of a pig.

After the jump, you too can follow the historical display, as I offer you a photographic recap of the reenactment. However, I do suggest if you are squeamish, do not continue reading. I am not making a mockery of a real life pig, nor trying to insult any form of animal rights groups or associations. Also, to note, Butcher Miller did not end the porker's life in front of the attending crowd, rather behind closed doors.