Tuesday, September 14, 2010

caramel and candy, an apple's best friend

Finally, autumn has arrived and for a girl who fiends off of the best of the season, my always-Starving Marvin persona couldn't be any more pleased to be gushing over the just-picked apples, gorgeous arrays of pumpkin beer, coffee, breads and pies, and of course, all set in the incoming crisp fall air.

And, although I blab about sweet treats regularly on this blog, and as my blog name assumes, I love apples, I honestly never crunch down on such caramel or candy concoctions. Actually the last time, prior to these autumn-appropriate shots, was when I was a wee lil' one.

B encouraged this recent sugar-coated chow session, and I could have not been any more pleased. However, next time I promise you, I will be the one dunking these darling nut balls for many to enjoy!