Friday, September 17, 2010

step up to better beer at lancaster brewing company

My first visit to Lancaster Brewing Company was impressive, setting the bar for future brewery tours at an all-time high. As I documented here, we arranged to meet with Head Brewer Bill Moore and receive the play-by-play on their particular beer brewing, and as he was gloriously jolly and well-worth spending an afternoon chitchatting about beer with, I couldn't help but mostly gush over the idea of learning how one of my most-favored brews came about (Strawberry Wheat).

However, since that perfected pop-in two Julys ago, I do admit that that particular fruity concoction has slide slightly down my top beer selections, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a revisiting Lancaster Brewing Company at any hour, on any day!
When recently treading the pavement in downtown Lancaster, after a bust-of-a-visit to Mount Hope Estate and Winery at the PA Renaissance Faire, we decided what we needed was a pick-me-up and easily settled for the local brewing company. As I adore variety (I'm the girl who lives for mix-a-sixes), it was a no-brainer that we selected their available flight offering of every beer on tap (12 samples in 5 ounce tasters).

Incredibly in support of y'all doing just the same, we sipped amongst the varying golden lineup, chugging the concoctions we adored the most. Although I love when my dining/drinking companion admires the same blends as me, on this visit, my cousin and I worked well at favoring different varieties, which of course worked better for us both. 

There were a bunch within the flight that I had already experienced on multiple occasions, besides the Strawberry Wheat, including the cans of Kolsh, the Milk Stout, the Amish Four Grain, the Country Cream Ale, Celtic Rose, the Hefe and the Litening Lager. However, I never previously experienced the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, the Gold Star Pils and their Oktoberfest, so the overall tasting was enjoyable to say the least.
Also, since we spent a large portion of our afternoon scoping out scenes of the local countryside, and since sampling tons of beers can make any girl hungry, we decided on a mini-finger food smorgasbord, enjoying some hearty Bavarian pretzels with cheddar fondue, a classic Margherita pizza and also, some mile-high nachos.
And, you'd think after all the bar food and petite beers that we'd be bursting at the seams, but no, we had a date with the destiny and by that, I mean the Carmen & David's Creamery.
Always hopping on week and weekend nights', the family-run homemade ice cream shop swirls some of the best flavors and blends that any sweet addict could dream of. Better yet, I spent um, 15+ minutes trying to decide on the best two scoop combo, and they so willingly supplied we with a sample of any creamed ice I requested. 
After what seemed like an eternity (hey, I had to let my dinner digest?), we both opted for the fresh banana blend cozy aside a dark chocolate concoction, which of course, was the sweetest of endings to an end-of-summer night.