Thursday, September 16, 2010

the best of pa dutch dancing at roots country market

Ever since my reemergence into Lancaster, via my lovely cousin, I have developed a knack for scooting up that way more than that I would have assumed. Although I equally appreciate urban and country settings, there is no reason for me to deny that I am slightly obsessed with comfort food, and it is obvious that that county is booming with some of the finest, country-inspired cozy cuisine.

On this recent excursion, we hit up Roots Country Market, popping by on a weekend that they were celebrating their arts and crafts' festival. While artisans flooded their outdoor space premiering everything from paintings, woodwork, old beer bottle crafts, and much more, what we found most enjoyable were the classic supply of whoopie pies, selecting a java-infused variety, as well as a pumpkin (thank god for fall flavors!).
 But, what we found best throughout the fair-like sights was an adorable dog treat setup, made available from the pup treat barkery, Pooch 'n Purr Pantry of Elizabethtown. With an adorable and humorous roundup of nutritious cake cones, poopie pies (think carob powder and cream cheese), couch potato sticks and brightly colored lollipops, how could you not want to snag these sweet treats that are so pup-appropriate. Better yet, as seen above, one of the men helping with the stand was also a pure ham, posing for a giggle-worthy muscle shot.
More information about the classic Roots Country Market, based in Manheim, may be found by clicking here.