Friday, September 10, 2010

the glory of an instant sugar coma at vegan treats

It was appropriate that, when visiting Vegan Treats' founding location last Friday, in Bethlehem, I select thee cake that made sugar goddess Danielle Konya--the chocolate-covered peanut butter bomb cake.

As a chocolate cake toppled with peanut butter mousse and drenched in a chocolate ganache and creamy peanut butter drizzle, the undeniably rich treat is almost cavity-creating. Yet, if that's the slight pain I have to suffer to have such a pleasure in my life every-single-day, then please make that happen!

Even if the aforementioned cake wasn't the superstar of this dairy-free bakery, I would have still decided to neatly nosh such a gorgeous heap of sweet. BUT, the fact that it was made my first trip to the tantalizing treat shop that much more amazing, and almost, panic-attack creating as how was I, a sugaraholic, suppose to decide on just one mini-cake to bloom myself out of being a Vegan Treats' virgin.
Well, of course, I didn't go home with nothing in tow, and my friend and I were sure to stock up before heading out of the cutesy boutique that's smears in zebra prints and vibrant pinks. To me, what makes the animal-loving bakery so marvelous is their mini-cakes. They skip the whole cupcake trend, and offer their customers individual-sized creations that are slightly larger than the average muffin-topped dessert.
Overwhelmed by the decor (and tastes, of course) of the many variations of cheesecake, the Death by Chocolate masterpiece, the adorable confetti cake, the giant-sized cookies, and even, the sticky buns and shoo-fly pie slices, it may take me some time to fight off the extremely satisfying sugar coma ... and I would not have it any other way!

Vegan Treats, 1444 Linden Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,  610-861-7660