Monday, August 8, 2011

brunch at cafe luna of cambridge, massachusetts

Until I reached age 23, I never had brunch. Seriously.

I had breakfast, I had lunch, no brunch. I even, when working as a food writing intern in college, mentioned to my editor, "who really goes to brunch?" Her response? "Everyone."

Call me a late bloomer, but do know that while it took me far too long to embrace brunching habits, I am now incredibly hooked.

On a recent excursion to Boston, a pursuit with a purpose to explore another state's beer and attend a Beer Advocate fest (full report here), we stumbled upon a popular brunch spot in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Cafe Luna, petite and packed with endless one-of-a-kind creations that would send any food lover's heart a-flutter, is a go-to spot for local students looking to snag weekend brunch (which also means, they always have quite a wait!). 

Thank god for the hospitality of one delightful manager, we were able to cozy up our six-top outdoors in the summer sun and enjoy a wide sweet and savory sampling. From our lineup of S’mores and Banana Split French Toast, Lemon Curd Topped Berry Waffles, Surf and Turf Eggs Benedict, and their signature “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” breakfast meat platter, we were able to experience a full showing of what the charmed cafe had to offer.

But, if you allow me to digress for one extra moment: The show-stoppers of CL are the sake-swirled Bloody Marys—you’ll forever be addicted and I must leave you with just that bold statement.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

fried sweet bologna sandwich, served up at kutztown folk fest

I am a strange soul, especially when it comes to eating sausages.

I blame it on my past vegetarian diet; the consistency alone terrifies me. But, the taste, especially found in a finely crafted sausage blends, is something I go gaga for and for that reason alone, I continuously attempt to overcome my annoying quirk of straying away from tubes of mouthwatering meats.

So this year, when myself and my dear friend Melissa were attempting to sacrifice any healthy eating habits to explore all the Pennsylvania Dutch eats that Kutztown Folk Festival, I was stuck in a pickle. Was inhaling a hunk of bologna as bad as I thought? This particular (seemingly pleasure-some) piece was served up fried and thick, staring its sink-your-teeth-into-me consistency right in my scared face. 

The gang flipping the "patties" on the griddle were pretty darn jolly, too--how bad could this "can't-leave-the-fest-without-it" gut-buster be?

But, with my traditional grub lover by my side, an idea sparked. If you load anything with sauerkraut, particularly locally-butchered and -smoked meats, any first-time-noshing experience will be enjoyable (we promise). 

And on that fateful day, it was. Juicy and tender, packaged with a purpose, this bologna blew my mind (not exaggerating here, folks). Boasting with confidence, I must say that this Melissa-and-Amy variety of the 'wich plopped with sweet-and-sour "icing" on the "meat cake" steals the Kutztown show!

We suggest if ever going to a local German food fest, never skip the fried bologna, and don't forget a hearty squirt of mustard, either.