Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the beers and burgers of kutztown tavern

Honestly, I don't expect much out of a college town. Yes, they typically have their suitable bars for the upper classmen, a ton of pizza joints, and occasionally, an organic lunch spot for the health-conscious students, but overall, they aren't that special.

So, when paying a visit to the stomping ground of those enrolled in Kutztown University, I was a bit caught off guard when I realized that the country-esque town housed a microbrewery, the Golden Avalache Brewing Company, part of the eatery Kutztown Tavern.

Kutztown Tavern, a slightly hipper than most sports bars, boosts on their housemade beers, premiering regular freshness to the mix by having a handful of seasonal ales. While their classic German-styled brews range from their nothing-special blonde lager and a Donner Weisse, they also always offer a bold cream ale and a floral and fruity brown ale.

Visiting in early winter, B and I were able to sample their seasonal pumpkin ale (seen above, on left) which kicked together an attractive mix of wintry spices for a delicate and light slurp. Being an extreme fan of all things blueberry, I opted for the seasonal fruity lager (seen above, on right) which was comparable to my personal favorite, Sea Dog's Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale.

The tavern's perky menu offered selections that followed their Germany vibes, while still serving the college-area community. From soft pretzels appetizers to gourmet pizza and pastas, the menu wasn't off-the-wall unique, but was able to satisfy this beer-chugging, Starving Marvin.

Offering a lean turkey burger smeared with housemade cranberry relish (seen above), my bunned pleasure was festive and tasty, and paired with perfectly prepared sweet potatoes fries, my lunch hit the spot on the bitter January Saturday.

For B, he selected a pretzel roll sandwich (seen below) that was pumped with generous and appetizing amounts of soft crab and cheese. The bun, one of the better soft pretzel rolls around, was for me, the best part, and I'm sure B would agree.

Although the beer was mighty-fine and my burger was delicious, this is a spot that, only if in the area, is a must-visit. However, travelling miles to get to the tiny college town of Kutztown, I may be honest and suggest you'd skip that venture and wait until it's hopping in the summer because of the Kutztown Folk Festival.