Saturday, January 9, 2010

breakfast bites of nudy's cafe

As meals go, breakfast has become a celebrity. Proudly carrying the title of the "most important meal of the day," a decent breakfast can influence you and your body the rest of your awakened hours of your hectic day.

But, with all fussing over and fantasizing of what to shove in your mouth, first thing, most of us sadly settle for the normal boxed cereal, or a simple egg scramble. That's where Ray Nudy comes in — the namesake and owner of the Nudy's CafĂ©, a six location breakfast hot spot.

With locations in East Whiteland, West Whiteland, Uwchlan, Wayne, Dowington and, of course, locally at 450 Bridge Street, Nudy has sculpted a satisfying, sit-down brunch eatery that not only offers traditional morning munchies like creamed chipped beef and finely chopped hash browns, but also is borderline quirky with grilled cinnamon bun French toast and year-round pumpkin pancakes.