Saturday, January 16, 2010

boosting on beers at the craft ale house

The attractive, comfortable brewpub, with its fancied and wholesome bar food, sweet-natured staff, and well supplied, unique beer listing, seems at first glance to have been whisked off its foundations in Central Philadelphia and plopped down in Limerick, by mistake.

However, for us locals, the opening of classy beer bar in such close quarters to our residences, can only be seen as luck, and with owners Gary and Melissa Fry celebrating their one-year anniversary of Craft Ale House on December 29, area hopheads could not be more pleased.

The Frys, proudly fond of all things found in a frosty pint, have a love for beer that far surpasses the casually addicted sipping status. The couple met at a beer bash, both representing their then workplaces that boosted on booze — Melissa at Valley Forge Brewing Company and Gary at Sunny Brook of Pottstown — and soon was born the perfect pair of beer connoisseurs.