Saturday, January 23, 2010

the pleasing and pristine pub of wegmans

In the 132,000 square feet of the No. 74 store of the $4.8 billion family-run grocery company, Wegmans, lays nestled a full-scale, Irish pub-styled eatery — a first for the Rochester-based company.

The East Coast supermarket chain placed third on Fortune magazine's 13th annual list of "100 Best Places to Work." Sliding up two spots from last year's ranking at No. 5, the Collegeville location roughly employs 550 full- and part-time positions in one of their newer establishments, with a small chunk of those employees maintaining their in-house restaurant for area grocery shoppers.

Pristine and welcoming, the on site tavern lessens the load of supermarket shopping by offering affordable, speedy cuisine that may not necessarily be on the healthier side, as their chain raves elsewhere, but does in fact succeed in conveniently working with the hustle-bustle of our everyday lives.