Saturday, January 2, 2010

sugary sensations of sweet ashley's chocolate

In the 1940s, Miller's Candy and Ice Cream sashayed into the hearts of Royersford's sweet teeth by offering an assortment of sweet treats that would offer anyone an ultimate sugar rush.

50 years later, at the exact same store front, Connie and Rob Lawson maintain their shop for all things sweet on Main Street, singing praise to the area's very best, taste-test approved, chocolate assortments.
Beginning the official journey of a chocolatier in the fall of 2005, Connie Lawson always dreamt of opening her own chocolate factory. An unofficial milk and dark chocolate maker since the young age of nine, Lawson began her sales of sweets when living in State College with her husband while managing a coffee shop.
Wooing college students with her homemade sweets, she adored the construction of chocolates because it was something she always excelled at, it was her gift that has never been a frustrating challenge, but has always been an example of a hobby (now career) that was pure enjoyment to her.
Her husband Rob, the son of William Lawson who is a wonderful help to the business, being a business partner and shop assistant, was raised in the Spring City area, where the couple now lives with their 11 year old daughter Ashley -- the business' namesake.