Friday, October 15, 2010

saturday splurge at the brooklyn flea market

On a recent rendezvous in the 'hood of Brooklyn, what appeared top on my lady friends and I's must-visit lists was the Brooklyn Flea. A perfect mecca of vintage, independent street foods, artisan crafted eats, all things hand-picked and easily appealing to the eye, and much more, we trotted around the various vendors for a nice chunk of our Saturday morning, living to tell our favorite lunch bites we tackled in our weekend day away.
First thing, after a quick drive from the Philadelphia area, we had to grab some grub and half of us gravitated to the AsiaDogs due to their unique, appealing concoctions. Whether you prefer to load your bun with Chinese BBQ pork belly in plum sauces (I sure did, as seen on the WangDang) or, for your day away, crushed chips are in order (as seen on the Mash), these pups are the gorgeously delicious, and a refreshing picnicking treat.
Although we hadn't scarfed shaved ice from People's Pops, I sure regret not doing so. The huge slab booming from their booth is an attractive set-up, and do suggest any flea visitors to not repeat are lead, and suck down one of these frozen, fresh juice marvels.
Other notables, without a doubt, were McClure's Pickles' garlic dills, and after tasting a quick cube on a mini-stick, I know that their recipe is by far, one of thee best. (I also wish the flea was opened until late into the night, so I could have stocked up on armfuls of those zinging jars.) Of course, the perfect concluding treat, prior to having another chocolate tasting at Mast Brothers Chocolate, was a slew of samples from Fine & Raw Chocolate, who celebrate the amazing creaminess of raw chocolate mashed with the best use of ecology. 
With a mission to use blue agave nectar, with palm sugar, coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt, and "save the world through silliness and chocolate," I'd encourage everyone to experience Fine & Raw -- you're in for an incredible treat!