Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a food-obsessed fiend's year in review, september to december

A brief glimpse of fall in photos.

Sampled two of PYT Adultshakes, the Caucasian (Absolut vanilla + vanilla ice cream) and the Double Espresso (Van Gogh espresso vodka + espresso ice cream + fresh ground espresso).

A visit to Hamburg, PA's Hamburger Festival with a memorable taste of The Dutchie (seen below) made on a classic pretzel roll.

Pumped out a decent dose of pumpkin whoopie pies because what's the best thing of the fall season? Pumpkin everything, of course.
Celebrated my brother's birthday by making him Chewbacca cupcakes composed of a cookie and cream mini-cake recipe.
Experienced a local raw milk dairy and the pleasant creaminess of raw milk.
Posed with my all-in-one apple pie pumpkin cake in B's back woods.
Catered my first wedding, with a butter almond cake smeared with almond buttercream, aside a variety of handmade sweet treats.

Took part in the New York Food and Wine Festival, where I attended an Alicia Silverstone cooking demonstration where she premiered several of her recipes from her new cookbook, The Kind Diet.

My lady friends and I also dined at Ninja, New York while partaking in the NY Food & Wine Festival, as seen below.

By the time Halloween rolled around, B and I attended in a Disney Zombie party, where we went donned as Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. I later also dressed up as Bat Man (err, woman).

For our one-year anniversary, I made B a heart-shaped cherry almond tart. This is my attempt at trying to make something rustic, yet beautiful.
Accepted the invitation to attend the Winter Foodie Potluck at Messy and Picky's place, where Zoe of Whipped Bakeshop brought many examples of her fine handiwork.

In conjunction with an article I was working on, I agreed to have my portrait painted by local artist David Knoecklein. Below, is the progress of our first session.