Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it's amazing bread, he said.

We fell in love over bread.

The loaf—larger than my the width and height of my petite head, and baked in a building without electronic—was pumped with whole grains and coated with a powdery, delicate firm crust. Delicious and organic, the bread had travelled over five hours to get me to, and I gushed over every last bite.

Complications do come into this relationship's making, yet with such a profound love for things in a similar fashion, those things can eventually be forgotten, and last month, one year of our courting had been marked.
Before this, I had never met another who shared my (secret) love for wonderfully-made carbohydrates, and better yet, appreciated the artisan craft of breadmaking in such an intense nature as I did myself.

It comes back to that special, environmentally-friendly bakery that first sparked our interests to one another. The old-world, loaf-crafters of Hungry Ghost Bread of Northampton, Massachusetts (which I previously blogged about here) daily produces small doses of their inventory, in an amazing wood-burning brick oven.

Redefining ancient bread traditions into modernized masterpieces, the crew at HGB sculpt a multitude of flavors from simple French, potato, rye and local wheat, to thyme fougasse, semolina fennel, 8-grain pumped with chocolate (as seen above, that i'm chomping) and locavore flat breads made with local wheat, beets and squash.

As a special threat for my birthday this year, we traveled to New England together, to experience the bread jointly for the first time, rather than the various other times, we were enjoyed the loaves together, but just through words.

While, at some times, it seems far, far fetched, but our goal is to someday own a place like Hungry Ghost, taking what we love from their place and transforming them into something of our own.