Saturday, December 19, 2009

a food-obsessed fiend's year in review, january through april


Before I came along, this sad boy never experienced sushi. Now, over a year later, he is in love with the best food on the planet, and me, of course.

Our most favorite sushi eatery is Veekoo, where we prefer order far too many maki rolls. Our favorite? The Lovers Roll wrapped in soybean paper and stuffed with Fuji apples, cream cheese, cucumber, soft crab and smoked salmon.


B purchased an amazing sauce book at the beginning of the year, which helped spark a month of delish dishes crafted around interesting splashes of flavor. His first round, a smoked salmon pasta.

Valentine's night dinner of blue cheese and walnut-topped steak with baby zucchinis made great use of another recipe from the sauce book. I loved it so much, I continuously ask for a repeat.

I attended an exceptional wine tour of the Finger Lakes of New York with my best friend and her family. My favorite wine from the bajillion visited wineries was Montezuma's Cranberry Bog.

I had to courage to replicate my grandma's prized recipe for fastnacht doughnuts. Made heart-shaped doughy pockets in the process.


I've always been a fan of Jukebox Cafe, but for whatever reason, the end of the winter months began our obsession with grabbing brunch at the Boyertown eatery, probably once or twice a week. Below, their fresh strawberry-stuffed french toast.

My cousin married a great lady who has great taste in all things delicious, including connections to Bethlehem's best caterer, the Mint and Parsley Leaf Kitchen.

Being a complete mushy couple, we crafted our own whole-grain pizza, with a pretzel-based dough.
And then, as seen below, we both tried on my new pair of glasses, Ray Ban Wayfarers.


Spring struck me with a baking stick, and although I was previously addicted, I may have went a bit overboard. However, I am sure all of my surrounding family and friends were pleased.
Below, top to bottom, morning glory muffins, mocha chip cupcakes, maple butter bacon cupcakes and peanut butter bomb diggity cupcakes. Also, in honor of the Easter holiday, I made peanut butter eggs with my cousins, and for my family's feast, German chocolate cake bird's nest cupcakes.