Thursday, March 4, 2010

daring, yet dainty desserts of tap & table

Daring diners on the prowl for an end-to-the-evening sugary finish shouldn't peruse the local grocery store's stocked frozen aisles, but instead swing speedily toward Emmaus' Tap and Table.

As suggested here, Tap and Table is a fresh addition to the suburban dining scene, providing parched penchants the opportunity to wet their whistles from an astonishing assortment of around-the-world brews — all up for your choosing.

The brief, yet brave meal offerings do include semi-adventurous entrees like the pulled wild boar braised in beer and also, most recently, a surprisingly scrumptious elk and bear burger. However, as much as their meals are on the top of my "must-eat repeatably" choices, their avant-garde desserts are delightful, unique and also, as much of an experience as they are a simple, sweet finish.

The dessert menu, similar to the dinner menu, has a few choices that are kitchen staples, but otherwise is always changing, always remaining fresh for what's in season or interesting in the food scene.

The housemade ice cream trio, the first dessert I ever tried at Tap and Table, is composed of a scoop of Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout-Toffee Chip, a spoonful of Young's Double Chocolate Stout Chip, and a pretty plop of a natural vanilla bean blend. As comforting as it is to always see the creamy ice trio on the palm-sized listing, I'm like a kid on Christmas when the eatery unveils a new sweet treat.

Their newest dessert worth the most mention is their peanut butter and jelly sundae assortment. Probably the most swoon-worthy (and I do not say this lightly) dessert my tastebuds have ever tantalized over any given encounter, the sundae is delicately rich and satisfyingly light.

The pairing, seen as an adult version of PB&J, takes splashes of a framboise lambic and crafts a reduced jelly spoonful (seen here, as assumed, on the utensil) to be enjoyed while digging deep in your milky peanut butter ice.

To finish, the gastropub also provides the sultry sweet lover with a deep, dark chocolate truffle and a dollop of homemade whip making these gorgeous slate of surprise any gal's most lovable platter.

The local brew cave also pumps the season's best fruits in their heavenly meal endings, as with their peach berry cobbler, seen below.

The pleasantly peachy cobbler is also plopped with a cheery round of icy peach cream. The combo, pairing the warmth and chill of both artisanal creations, may be an upscale, unique version of grandma's finest and just another reason to rush back for a repeat.

Also currently on tap, Tap and Table swirls Bluepoint Blueberry Ale (which I love) with handfuls of blueberries and blackberries for another version of their home-styled cobbler, as well as provides female lambic fiends (like myself) with a raspberry lambic sorbet.

Tap & Table, 4226 Chestnut Street, Emmaus, 610-965-1009