Saturday, March 13, 2010

the oh-so-prettiness of philly cupcake

It is a fact that I never possessed the girlishness of the typical young female. Raised amongst two older brothers, I would beg for a male-themed toy box pumped with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GI Joes and most definitely, Star Wars statues. 

Of course, my mom purged my pleas by humoring me with  female-friendly, hand-held presents that captured my requests, sort of.  This meant that I was the proud owner of action figures and dolls of Princess Leia and TMNT's April, but that didn't mean I hadn't stopped enviously eyeing my siblings' stash.

However, this all being said, my complete tomboy upbringing is utterly disregarded once I cross the entrance way to a cupcake boutique. Honestly, I have never been this gushy and girlie at any point in the 24 years of my youthful life.

The pink presence surrounded by a baker's pinched perfection is hard to not smile upon, and the whiffs of your soon-to-embrace sugary coma could create a naysayer to even giggle a dozen optimistic breathes.

Among the city's handful of new baking boutiques lays the lovely lady, Philly Cupcake, situated in a neatly arranged nook flooded with vibrant cupcake prints and vintage Victoria Secret cabinets. 

Pleasant in pinks and pastels, the cupcakery crafts dozens of darling mini-cakes, both equally delicious in taste and display. Although it is obvious to attend a baking establishment at its early opening hours, I did the opposite, with a visit in the evening among a selection of sweets that were quite slim.

However, being Ms. Indecisive, popping in at a time that neared closing enabled me to make a decision just a few minutes sooner, which was a Green Tea Cupcake with Honey Buttercream Frosting (above).

Fluffy and light, intoxicating and flavorful, my cupcake choice was not only intensely interesting, but it also an exciting experiment for my flavor palate. As the tantalizing tastes journeyed through my degrees of dazed 'buds, I couldn't refuse to think I was like a little kid cutely adoring life's sweetest things.

And, I most definitely will not forget to mention other necessary notables of the cupcakery, which include: The Coma, a flourless chocolate mini-cake with cocoa buttercream and ganache; The Twix Dream, chocolate cupcake with Twix chunks and caramel buttercream; and The Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cupcake with a crunch icing drizzle.