Sunday, March 21, 2010

riesling ale of war horse brewing company

As wonderful as a frosty pint can be only most terrible of nights, I was recently doc-ordered to temporarily cease my liquid consumption. And now, as you must be sick of my whines of myself wallowing in self-pity, I'm encouraging my lil' stomach to get better pronto as I plan to then fast-forward back to my beer connoisseur status.

But, in the wake of my dreary limited diet I shall leave you with a photographic recap of one of my many stops I took last month as traveling through the Finger Lakes of New York's Wine Trail.

Yes, it is true that brews are severely limited on a lively varietal route, however, as seen above War Horse Brewing Company is an ideal diamond in the rough. Part of a versatile wino's haven, The Three Brothers Wineries and Estates, the miniature brewery crafts a limited number of craft beers and it almost seems fitting that their most popular, Riesling Ale, spouts not only a wine-themed name, but also is sculpted with New York's Riesling juice.

A mashing between a flavorful wheat ale and a local grape mix, the ale is comparable to lightly-fruited beer blend and also, perfect for any sweltering summer day. 

Other beers of War Horse definitely worth the mention include their seasonal Raspberry Wheat, East Coast Amber, American Black Lager, India Pale Ale, and as the lil' one seen above loved, hand-crafted root beer.

War Horse Brewing Company, 623 Lerch Road, Geneva, New York