Monday, March 15, 2010

wined and dined with tamanend winery

In conjunction with Uncork, York, the darling wino duo of my close friend and I journeyed to the outskirts of Lancaster to indulge in a denched winemaker's feast of Tamanend Winery. Catered by the Fenz Restaurant, a local love to many in the area, the exciting evening was spent pairing delicate courses with twice the amount of deliciously versatile wines.

The adored (and engaged!) winemakers, Linda Jones McKee and Richard Carey entertained their packed warehouse space with incredible class and sass, and not a dear soul could even remember by the night's end of how incredibly dreary it was outside their pleasurable place.

Below, is a pictorial recap of my dashing date of fine food and drink, as well as the friendly faces of the affair.
Winemaker Linda Jones McKee and I, who I now absolutely adore!
Tamanend's Lab Manager Beth Hess who shared our dining space with us and was such a wonderful companion to the evening. Here, she allows us to sample both the orange and lime margarita wine.
The feisty first course of a miniature corn quiche splashed with red pepper coulis and arugula pesto. Wines: Ole & Cardinalis
The saucy second course with a perfectly-prepared, seared scallop plopped in a luscious lobster sauce and topped with an adorable potato crisp. Wines: Moonstone & Irresistible
A nicely roasted duck rounded out course three, dosed with a cherry and green peppercorn reduction. Wines: Alleluia 2004 & Alleluia 2006 (seen below)
With beautifully-served beef being one of my most favorite things, it is no surprise that the short ribs braised with red wine demi-glace and sided with roasted root veggies was my utmost adored course.
Wine: American Beauty 2003
To graciously note, saying that we were skimped on wine would be a ridiculous thing to mention, and completely untrue. I would love to thank our new friend Leann (seen here on the left) for taking care of us sloshed, silly girls.
Finalizing our feast was this fancified flute pumped with a pear panna cotta. Wine: Azul D'Oro
And also, hello to our other dashing dining companions, this dear couple who are smartypants in the health service field.

Sadly, I couldn't make it to the after dinner drinks, since I had already exceeded my petite frame's limit, but I hear what was served was a succulent ending to an overall incredible evening. Wines: Altissimo 2008 & Cerise Amour

To conclude, I beg of you to give Tamanend a go, ASAP!