Saturday, March 20, 2010

the americana sirloin patty of coventry tea room

Set in a structure that dates back to 1790 with a historical background tracing to a colonial farmhouse, a doctor's office, an underground railroad spot, and much more, the Coventry Tea Room is a the definition of home-styled country cuisine.

As the name assumes, the petite eatery provides curious diners with an incredible selection of teas, set in a  crafty and cozy dining room. Flooded with antique tea cups and hand-sewn dollies, it is obvious that elder lady clubs flock to such a local space, but it is not as obvious, how true to grandma's tastes the cuisines parlays to its guests.

Personally a fan of  Coventry Tea Room's lunch menu that sprawls through options of sauteed baby beef liver, antipastos, tea sandwiches presented on fresh zucchini bread and freshly-swirled soups, my utmost favorite has to be their upscale preparation on a sirloin burger

Hearty and satisfyingly juicy, smothered in sauteed mushrooms and onions, and coated with a delicate Swiss cheese, there's not doubt that the country-esque, Americana locale knows a thing or two about preparing an impression all-beef patty. Let's not forget to mention, grandma knows best that what's better than the average french fry is an ideal side of lightly sauteed and nicely squared potatoes.

The evening entrees are even more mind-blowing and I will leave you with just a small revealing of what their menu transcribes on their weekend, 5 to 9 menu:  Roast Young Turkey with savory potato stuffing, Slow-baked Ginger Hawaiian Salmon, Veal Parisian, and their namesake sweet endings including homemade cream puffs, chocolate-drizzled profiteroles and cocoa-raspberry mousse cake.

The Coventry Tea Room, 1161 Ridge Road, Pottstown, 610-469-2124