Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the luxury of ladder 15

Contrary to many individual's beliefs, I like to consider that I am a sassy, smooth female. However, in all reality and honesty, I am not smooth at all. 

So, last Tuesday when I had gushed that finally I could squeeze in my attendance to Burger Club Philly with my last visit being the gathering at the scrumptious spot, known as Fishtown's Sketch (that was the end of summer!). But, when I sashayed into March's selected locale, the recently opened Ladder 15 on Sansom Street trotting the skilled cuisine of David Ansill, 10 minutes late, NO ONE WAS THERE! Well, no burger nerds were there.

Confused and saddened because, if you love beefiness as much as this girl, and love to share the same interest with other "nerdburgers," it is an extreme bummer when you realize that you were a week early!

Obviously, I sucked up my cocky pride and decided that if I was already standing in the latest-raved burger spot, so might as well indulge in what the eatery was rumored to have, an "over-the-top" burger worth the outlandish title.

The appearance alone of the Burger 15, seen above,  quite frankly notes that Chef Ansill had laid his grace in the construction of this bar burger feast. Composed of a juicy, decadent prime sirloin patty that's smothered in perfectly-paired braised short rib, red wine 'shrooms and grilled red onions, and then sided with a salty truffle sauce, this bodacious burg' is a mouthful both in words and in experience.

Let's no forget, it's served with an offering of bone marrow, which although I tend to flock toward the marvels of marrow, I could of skipped this selection. And, I make that statement with tons of love for Ansill, who happened to be present in Ladder 15's dining room for a majority of our meal (always an awesome sight to see). Since I was already overwhelmed with the intensity of my piled-high goodness atop my fresh bun, the boned delicacy just about jump-started me into a welcoming food coma.

But, if you're planning to pop into Burger Club Philly on the appropriate day (TODAY) you are in luck, because the firehouse-esque eatery is also hosting Ansill's re-emergence to the local dining scene soon after, with a launch party at 8 p.m. 

Freebie alert: There's going to be a round of free appetizers, including these light-and-heavenly potato and goat cheese cigars, pictured above. And, to excitedly note, they'll unveil a new beer list that already has me utterly satisfied, and is set to include: Yards Philly Pale Ale, Bell’s Oarsman Ale, Ommegang Hennepin, Left Hand Polestar Pilsner and Sly Fox O’Reilly’s Stout.