Saturday, April 3, 2010

amazing acres, the admirable goat cheeses of chester county

Tucked on the cozy northern brim of Chester County is the birthing grounds for the gorgeously gourmet goat cheeses of Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, LLC.

Founded by the friendly duo, Fred and Debbie Mikulak of Elverson, on their greened hills flooded with 32 goats, the flavorful-and-fresh chunks of creamy cheese are addicting and admirable, and without a doubt, one of my favorites.
Lucky to experience the delectable tastes of Amazing Acres last fall, while sliding by Debbie's farm stand at the Boyertown Farmers' Market, I become cheese-crazed female constantly craving their cranberry chevre (as I scribed on an older post).

Being a gush-worthy gal who adores spewing my all-things-food obsessions, I paid a victorious visit to the Mikulaks' farm this week, which I couldn't help but blab about in this week's Phoenix.

Also, for those who are addicts for cheese tastings, especially at Philly's Quince, the last two photographs above are of Debbie aging the Sea Smoke and Crottin for her upcoming tasting! Details here.