Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a crush-worthy handcrafted cookie company

In a sea of sugary boutiques boasting on mini-cakes with crowned tops, it is an obsessive sweet tooth's relief when something fresh falls into the dessert-drenched mix. Better yet, what plops the genuine icing on any crave-worthy cake is the availability of the notable treats in proximity to you.

Working just around the boutique bend from Handcrafted Cookie Company is a situation that should victoriously receive two gold stars. One, being that they celebrate the blessed cookie and two, being that it takes me less than a minute to trot to their only location.

Let me digress momentarily, you see, I do adore the cupcake. Even those who say they are sick of them, honestly are not. But, when you reminisce to your childhood years and your time spent baking with your dearly grandma, are you contemplating the notorious papered-stump? NO!

Chad and Theresa Williams, the darling duo behind the all-natural baking company, fulfill the need for sugary fiends breezing around Bridge Street to treat themselves to a health-conscious marveled mouthful.

Making use of original recipes that are free of hydrogenated oil and corn syrup, the couple crafts everything from classic chocolate chips to creative concoctions of lavender vanilla and chocolate hotties (fiery japs in rich cocoa). And with the mouthwatering blends too interesting to not continue, with raspberry mint and coconut sugar cookies, blueberry oatmeal, honey roasted nuts, chocolate mint and chocolate grapefruit, I may never stop gushing over the adventuresome appeal to these Main Street-made circles.

The Williams' are also currently hosting a community-search for recipes, asking anyone interested in participating to submit an original how-to and a sample for consideration to their baked shop. The contest concludes April 30 and the recipe best suited to taste will be featured June-August.

The Handcrafted Cookie Company is also as much of a cafe as a brick-bearing bake shop, selling organic bubble teas and milks, including soy, and also, an ever-changing choice of other sweet treats, including their baggies of brownie butts and their German chocolate cakies, as seen above.

Handcrafted Cookie Company, 24 S. Main St., Phoenixville, 484-921-4934