Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pizza, deliciously from 2D to 3D

Honestly, I'm not the type to go gaga over a gimmick. Yet, if the proclaimed food fab seems almost too fun to deny (and tasty, too), I may become a little gushy in craving the chance to experience this new edible pleasure.

On a recent trip to New York City this past weekend, my lady friends and I had to try coned-shaped pizza. Isn't everything better in a cone, anyway? I mean, ice cream is always addicting, as are those pumped with fluffy cake and prettily sprinkled with jimmies, but a cone plump with gooey fresh mozzarella and basil-spiked tomato sauce? The idea is too good to ignore!

There is only one location on the East Coast that spouts pizza in a perfect 3D triangular shape. The Midtown Manhattan locale is narrow and radiant, and maintained by the friendliest group of folks that are overwhelmingly nice in the comfiest of ways.

Their handheld, on-the-go novelty is available in small and large sizes, offered with either pesto or tomato sauce, and packed with as many ingredients as you desire. From selections like bbq chicken, prosciutto, spicy salami, jalapenos, scrambled egg, green peppers, mushrooms, plus many more, the cone crafters pop your taste array inside the parbaked brims of the conical crust and load it into a specialty oven that takes about five minutes for completion.

Toasty and crunch-worthy, the K! cone is worth the slight wait, and my whirled fresh mozzarella packed inside the thick exterior, marveled amongst my tastebuds, hit the sultry spot dead-on as we soon embarked on the lively nightlife of NYC. 

It's important to confess that this obscure slice doesn't necessarily match the tastes of your most favorite pizzeria's pleasure, but it's still darn delicious. We asked what's the "K!" about prior to their exclaimed "Pizzacone," and they relayed that since the West Coast already nabbed the singular "pizzacone" name, this is how these pizza makers add pizazz to their only-spot-in-New-York stop.

If you're pleading for a legit slice of perfect Italian-styled pizza, skip along to the nearest authentic eatery. But, if you're jonesin' for an edible experience unlike any other, swing by K! Pizzacone for 3D at its best!

K! Pizzacone, 325 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016 (between 32nd and 33rd St.), 646-823-9318.