Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cheese for me? yes, please!

In honor of her first-ever stink-a-versary on her satisfying-stenched cheese haven of a blog, Madame Fromage of Philadelphia invited cheesy fiends to participate in her lil' celebration. 

Of course, I could not stop myself from congratulating one of my most favored bloggers from reaching her one-year mark, and in honor of her celebratory festivities, she hosted another first-ever — a cheese giveaway! 

Tenaya, the lovely lady who originated the blog and also, shares an intense cheese love like myself, required participants to proclaim their most loved creamy pleasure, ever, and also, required that you'd suggest what cheese in the well-populated log of hers that you'd love to win.

I tapped away on my keypad that, as much of a hard decision it may be, I am entirely obsessed with Yellow Springs' Farm's Nutcracker Cheese, which is a delicious goat milk blend made of an exterior of black walnuts.

But, to choose a cheese she's reviewed? Now, that's an intense decision! I couldn't choose just one (sorry, Tenaya!) so, I blabbed that it would be incredible to chomp on hunks of either the Monte Cabra, a Spanish goat cheese with a charcoal black butter exterior, or the Prima Donna, which she detailed as a "salted caramel."

AND, (drum roll, please) I WON! 

After much thought, I decided that I'd opt for the choice of the Prima Donna, but that doesn't mean I don't plan on trying the Monte Cabra very, very soon. It arrived speedily too, in the mail on Friday. Although we had planned to meet around Fishtown's parts, everyone's lives are chaotic, and appreciated her sending me the gorgeous hunks that'll are now my favored pleasures, via snail mail.

I also must mentioned that as much as I want to scream from the mountain tops and brag of my recent delicious prize, I do have to excitedly reveal that through the contest and cheese-love, I have also gained a new food-fiended friend. I anticipate meeting her soon for some fantastic forkfuls of cake, or of course, some milky marvels of newly experienced cheese.